We are Covid Safe

When you visit, we have a queuing system outside, with hand sanitiser to be used before entry.
We do have tables and chairs indoors, but very limited.  Most of our seating is outside, and while the good weather is upon us, many of our customers are enjoying the fine weather, with fine food.

We request only single groups enter to pay for food and drink at any one time.  If you are alone, this means just you.  If you are a family, this means just your family.

Entry and Exit is through the same front door, but with guidance to keep distance.  We ask everyone to keep the distance advised by Government, from each other.   Thank you.

All staff are wearing PPE, including those that come to see you to deliver your food, including visors, and having washed their hands.

We thank you for your continued custom, and hope you enjoy your time with us.