• 17th February 2021

Safety, cleaning and the Food Award

Safety, cleaning and the Food Award

Safety, cleaning and the Food Award 150 150 Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe

And once again it has been far too long since we last posted and so much has happened I barely know where to begin! I’ve been thinking about what to post and what to leave for another day (probably another some 4 months into the future) but we should probably talk first about the pandemic. I think it’s important for people and businesses to express how it’s affected them and how they’re moving through it. We’re all in completely unknown territory and if I’m being completely honest that first few weeks after we reopened was the most stressful few weeks of my life. My brain was in complete overdrive 24/7. Constant questions and only one answer: How do we keep people safe? How do we keep our staff safe? How do we keep our family safe? How do we keep ourselves safe? Should we even be open? What are people going to think of us for opening? And one conclusion every time. I don’t know.

Fruit and Veg Delivery Service

Back in April we had started a pop up fruit and veg delivery service to help people isolating and keep our business above water so we were already used to the PPE; plus the – as little human contact as possible – side of things but to me that just didn’t seem anywhere near as scary as reopening the café.

Our walls were full of the most in depth cleaning schedules you have ever seen, shelves full of hand sanitiser and that first morning I felt like our team was riding into battle but like every other scary thing – we got through it.

“Doing a really good job…”

There was one morning when I was outside sanitising one of our chairs and a lady walked past with her little girl and the girl said to her “I thought we weren’t allowed to go to places with lots of people” and her mum said “We’re allowed to go here because they’re doing a really good job of making sure we’re safe”. It almost made me cry and afterwards all the fear and stress I had was lessened somehow. When I look back and think of where we are and what we’re doing now I am just so proud of everyone, of us of our staff and of our customers too. It became second nature. Everyone did and is still doing their absolute best to keep each other safe and that’s a really beautiful thing. The lives lost will never be forgotten and the pain caused may never fully heal.  The world has adapted so quickly and it is a testament to people everywhere what we can achieve when we work together for a common goal.

For us, despite the pandemic, with a little help from the Eat Out To Help Out scheme and the great weather we had, another amazing summer, and even winter with lots of new faces and we’re so lucky to be able to say that. Its been such an honor to have so many people coming to try our food and see their friends and families after what felt like a lifetime apart.

To top it all off, I’m sure you all know by now, we won our first good food award! For such a tiny little cafe that’s just started out we are so honoured and can’t thank everyone who voted for us enough.


I can’t wait to tell you in our next blog about the awards we’ve been nominated for and some other exciting bits that have been happening for us lately.  For now, thank you to everyone who has trusted us and supported us or even just read this blog and we hope to see you very soon!

Lots of love,


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