• 14th November 2019

New Business. New Beginnings.

New Business. New Beginnings.

New Business. New Beginnings. 1024 518 Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe

Hello and welcome to our brand new website and our very first blog! I suppose we should start by telling you a bit about us and our journey up to now.  My names Ellie and my partner Sarah and I signed our lease for Ayscoughfee Café around 4 months ago now. Time has FLOWN by but everyday it proves to be the best decision we have ever made!

sarah ellie ayscoughfee new cafe business

If we jump back to a year ago, Sarah and I were both stuck in dead end jobs, unhappy and unfulfilled. Our only sanctuary was on the odd occasion we would steal a day off together, go out for lunch, go walking and talk for hours about what we really wanted to do with our lives. We were waiting for an opportunity, a risk to take, a chance at something better and that’s exactly what we got when we saw the café was up for lease.

Loving Ayscoughfee Hall

Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved Ayscoughfee. An untouched area of Spalding, like walking into the secret garden. Each of us were connected to it in different ways. My Dad went to school here, my granny used to walk me around the museum. Sarah and I had our first date here. I never imagined it but it really is a dream come true to now play a part in those experiences for other people.

We got the call inviting us for our interview and we already knew exactly what we wanted to build for Spalding. A few weeks later we were told the lease was ours and we only had a few short months to get all of our equipment, suppliers and a chef! It was the most stressful, busy and exciting time of our lives but it all paid off in the end.

The cafe lease begins

Our aim was to build a family friendly environment serving fresh, locally sourced, home made food, offering something a little different to our home town. With the help of our chef Paul and our front of house go to girl Emily, we were able to do just that.

Here are some photos of the lovely food our chef has made from the menu.

We can’t believe how well things are going and we can’t thank those of you that come to support us enough. We really do love you all. It’s been a dream come true.

Now if I said it had been a walk in the park I would be lying but as a very special customer of ours said to us once, “Through adversity and to the stars”.

To the stars is where we intend to go and we hope you will come and join us.

With special thanks to Simon and his 79Design team for building this gorgeous website and we’re looking forward to what’s coming next!

Lots of Love,

Ellie, the two Sarah’s, Paul and Emily.

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