• 19th March 2021

Getting organised

Getting organised

Getting organised 800 600 Ayscoughfee Hall Cafe

Can any of you believe I’ve got a blog up on time? No. Me neither but moving swiftly on…

Firstly, we’ve had Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day since we last posted and we made the most beautiful afternoon tea boxes for people to take away and enjoy at home. It was super hard work getting everything made on time and boxed up on the day but so worth it. It was the warmest feeling to know that so many people were sat around their tables enjoying our food at home. This pandemic has been so hard for everyone and being able to give them the opportunity to do something a little different, celebrate their loved ones together or apart was so rewarding.

We have an opening date

At long last we have been given a date by the government to (hopefully) open up properly and start doing our thing again!

Although we’re a little apprehensive about a few things, for example, do any of us remember how to hold a tray of 10 plates, 50 mugs and 27 sauce pots? (By the way, I do not!) Nevertheless the nerves are far outweighed by the excitement we all feel for getting back to it.

Takeaways are changing – improving!

Takeaways been great for us and it’s been really uplifting to feel like we’ve been doing such a positive thing for our community but we’re ready now  to ditch our simple takeout menu for something a little more us. I have to say, this new menu is probably one of our favourites yet so watch this space! New menu week is the best week because everything needs to be trialled and tested and for me, trying our new dishes gives me such a sense of pride for our kitchen, our team and of everything we’ve built.

We’ve had new tables and chairs built for under our canopy, we’ve bought new sandwich boards and we’ve even got some uniform on its way so the place will be looking a little different when you next see it.

Can’t wait to see you all!

Lots of love,


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